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Bigger isn’t always better - 5 reasons to consider a smaller soiree for celebrating your wedding day

More and more couples these days are steering away from big, elaborate (and pricey!) weddings in lieu of smaller, more intimate affairs that free up funds for post nuptial milestones like real estate and travel.

We’ve been to a few smaller soirees in recent years and are huge fans. Huge. We love intimate weddings! Why do we love them so? Let us count the ways…

Quality Time

Gathering your closest family and friends under one roof to celebrate a union allows for meaningful time spent together. We’ve been to plenty of weddings where we haven’t even had the chance to talk to the happy couple. Guests can get to know each other, truly allowing two families to come together as one. Isn’t that the point?

All About Details

Throwing an intimate affair allows you to focus more on the details. Curated gift bags of locally made goods, personalized notes, etc. are all infinitely easier to achieve when done on a smaller scale. That Pinterest board you’ve been pouring blood, sweat, and tears in to since you got engaged (or maybe even before!) can be your actual reality when you have a smaller budget event.

Curb on Cost

Speaking of money, did you know that the average wedding in Charleston costs $26,465? A single guest could add upwards of $200 to the total cost. Rather than inviting guests to please others, consider who you and your partner really want to share the day with and do not compromise.

More Memories

House parties aren’t just for college kids! If you’ve never been to a small weekend-long wedding event, you are missing out. Cooking breakfast as a group, getting ready together, and taking the party well in to the wee hours of the morning without worrying about cut off times and transportation allows for endless fun and so many memories!

Less Stress

Having one single venue – where everyone will stay, where you will have the ceremony, where you will celebrate after – won’t completely eliminate the stress you’ll feel leading up to your big day, but it will surely help reduce it.

Charleston Island Rentals loves helping couples host their friends, family and entourage for the big day. Ask us about using one (or two...or THREE) of our rentals to host your out of town guests coming in for your main event. For instance, we have two homes within easy walking distance of each other on Isle of Palms that combined have 9 bedrooms and could comfortably sleep 20+ guests.

We also welcome conversations around using our rentals for small soirees, such as a family night or catered rehearsal dinner. Long short, if you have a milestone event on the horizon, let’s chat about how Charleston Island Rentals can help make it as wonderful and comfortable as possible for your guests.


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